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In today's world, where information is ruled by the ball, almost every child has a cell phone. Many parents buy a mobile phone in order to always be aware of where their child is now and what they are doing. Alas, but not always our steps lead to the desired result. This is also true with regard to phones from our children. Buying a mobile phone for a child, most parents believe that if they have any problems the child will call them. However, in practice, this does not always happen, and sometimes the situation develops in a completely different scenario.

Unfortunately, now around our children there are a lot of people who wish to take advantage of childish naivete in order to obtain this or that benefit. This is not necessarily adults, it is not uncommon for older children to behave this way. Goals here can be pursued different, although the meaning is usually one to obtain financial or other benefits. Sometimes our children can be very bribed by the fact that older people communicate with them. And this point sometimes used by scammers, drug dealers, other criminal elements. As a rule, communication with such people is carried out by means of a mobile phone.

Here listening at a distance through the phone will just be an excellent solution to protect children from bad influence and other problems. How does the AppMia work? It works simply: on the phone of the child you put a special application for wiretapping the phone, which puts the mobile phone under your control. Here you should pay attention to the functionality of the program: in addition to wiretapping, there are many other options. For example, access to SMS messages, the location of the subscriber, reading the correspondence Viber, WhatsApp, etc. Using wiretapping at a distance, you can achieve effective control without missing anything important in a child's life. You will know with which companies he communicates, what way of life leads in your absence. The phone's listening enables you to protect your child from unwanted acquaintances and friends, from people with values alien to you. After all, there are many youth trends that do not have a positive impact on the development of children and adolescents. And some of these trends raise antipathy and outright aggression towards the outside world. One more thing: listening in the distance makes it possible to keep the child's private life under control. Children are often very vulnerable, and sometimes unrequited love at an early age turns into a tragedy.
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